Xiaomi Facts

Interesting Facts About Xiaomi You Probably Didn’t Know Of


Xiaomi literally means Millet and Rice, which is actually a reference to a Buddhist concept. It signifies that Xiaomi wants to start from little things before aiming for the top.

China’s Apple

Considered as China’s Apple, most of Xiaomi designs resembles Apple in its elegance, simplicity and minimalism. Yeap, it also evokes a similar kind of fervour in China as Apple does in the US. And with Huawei facing an uphill battle now, you can bet that Xiaomi is climbing up the ladder faster now.

Physical Store 

Xiaomi doesn’t own a single physical store in any parts of the world except China and recently, in Singapore. In fact, it’s selling its products online everywhere. This helps them to reduce some additional costs to maintain that affordable price tag. That definitely kills two birds with one stone!


Xiaomi also does not use any traditional channels of advertising. They do not support endorsements of any kind either (did you, like, see anyone uses the phone in any movie or TV drama?), which makes us wonder how did their products rise to fame so quickly!

Guinness World record 

Xiaomi sold 15,000 Mi3 smartphones in just two seconds in India. Two seconds! Imagine the load the server would have to “tahan”. Furthermore, Xiaomi Mi3 was considered as the world’s fastest smartphone at that time of its release.

In fact, in 2014, they actually managed to break the Guinness world record by selling 2.1 million smartphones in just one day.

2.1 million phones in 1 day. 

The Google Connection

As many as three of the top nine leadership positions in Xiaomi are occupied by ex-Googlers. Is there some sort of connection? All we know is that they are talented, and Xiaomi’s success has to be credited to their ability to rise from the bottom.

Build-in Camera Technology

Allegedly, Xiaomi’s cameras have built-in technology to make you look more attractive. Taking selfies? No worries, Xiaomi got you covered! Now all your Instagram posts will be as flawless as ever.

Remember, it’s allegedly. So don’t gong gong go buy one just because of what you’ve heard.

International Headquarters in Singapore 

Xiaomi chose Singapore as its international office, believing in the quality of feedback from Singapore on its phones and services. Why so? Well, Singapore is also known to be a sophisticated market and this gives Xiaomi an edge in the technological industry.

All in its Logo





Want to know something interesting? Xiaomi’s logo has a hidden word inside of it. The word can be found when you turn the logo of Xiaomi up-side-down. It will probably resemble a Chinese character “心” (not every single stroke though) and it means “heart” in English.

That’s a really innovative way to create meaning in its name!